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Kisankraft brush cutter KK-BC-8640

A Brush cutter is a tool that is used to harvest crops, trim grass, as well as clear/remove unwanted crop. Catering to the needs and demands of farmers, KisanKraft is offering a varied range of baffle reapers. These baffle reapers are reliable, long lasting and consist of high-quality components. KisanKraft KK-BC-8640 is an effective 2 stroke baffle reaper. It is used to cut weeds, trim crops like mulberry, grass parthenium etc. It is powered by 40cc motor. This Brush cutter consumes only 500 ml of fuel an hour which makes it fuel efficient. This Power weeder comes with Refined motor makes the operation smooth and yield good results. Features Refined motor for durability and high performance Low maintenance Light weight operation Fuel efficient Easy operation Reliable Specifications Walbro Carburetor Rated Power: 1.14 kW(1.5 hp) Displacement: 42.7 cc Speed: 6600 RPM Weight: 8.6 kg Engine: 2-Stroke, Air Cooled Fuel Used: Petrol Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 L Fuel Consumption: 1 L/hr Applications Suitable for harvesting crops Suitable for removing unwanted weeds

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